African Greys.

  Well, the bad news is that out of three breeding pairs that we keep of the Greys..  this is
about as close as I can get to one for a picture.  The good new is..  both the male and female look EXACTLY alike to all but the VERY trained eye.  So much so that the only way to be certain is to have the birds DNA sexed which is far more humane that the former "surgical" sexing.  (The name says enough.)  None of that really matters  ..boy or girl..  when looking for a pet, however.  The males and females are almost exactly alike when it comes to personality too.  GREAT talkers and frighteningly smart.  African Greys are as good as it gets in my book.  There are two strains of African Grey Parrot.   This is the "Congo"  then there is the lesser strain known as the "Timneh".  Both make wonderful additions to any family.  We've had several over the years.  As the name suggests, these birds come from the Congo area of Africa.  They can live to be 50 or more years old when properly cared for.  Strange having a pet you have to plan for being around for that long...

This little guy is about 2 and a half weeks old.  His (her) eyes still aren't open and therefore still VERY
 dependant.  (And they talk about an "Ugly Duckling")  Little parrots are literally eating/pooping machines!
At this age the baby gets fed about 8-10cc every 3-4 hours from 8 am to 12 pm day in and day out.

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