Double Yellow Headed

 All of the Amazon Parrots come from the Central and South American Jungles.  Amazons in general make wonderful pets.  They are very intelligent and can mimick virtually any sound they hear that
appeals to them.  The sounds that they make add a certain "tropical" flavor to our little farm.
 Most of the larger "true" parrots are long living birds.  They can live for as many as 50 years and
will remain sexually productive for most of that time.


 Blue Fronted

 These guys are somewhat smaller that the Double Yellow Headed, though no less the character.
  Very personable and entertaining with their chatter and antics.  As with all parrot type birds, however,
the Amazons "enjoy" a period of time EACH day.. right after sun up and right before sun down
during which they like to share all that they know and hold inside them with the rest of the world.
 Luckily we are graced with the property and Florida's warmer weather so ALL of our "hookbills"
are outside and well away from the house where they are free to share and we get to sleep and
remain sane.  Think of the noise factor before you decide to get a parrot.  If you can get past
the noise and cleaning their cage.. parrots do make wonderful pets!

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