Blue Eared-Pheasants.


 Blue Eared Pheasants are some of the more exotic pheasants in the world. Their native
 homeland is China near Tibet. They are part of a family that includes the Brown Eared
and White Eared Pheasants.  All the birds in this family sport white colored "ears".  Their 
name indicates what color the rest of their body is.  Note the "lacey" appearance of the

tail feathering.  The upper most feathers look sparce and quill-like naturally,  perhaps slightly
more full right after shedding each year.  The males and the females of the Blue,
Brown and White Eared Pheasant look absolutely identical in every way except..,
only the males bear spurs on their legs and males tend to run a little larger than the female.
 The hen lays only 8-12 eggs per season even in the best of conditions which makes these
birds somewhat difficult to locate. The males are VERY aggressive (which also probably
helps make these guys a rarity) and should be a point to consider when it comes to penning.
 You have to be able to keep your eyes on the male at ALL times while in their pen.



 The male utters a very unusual call especially during the mating season.  Some what loud,
it sounds to me like a cross between a donkey and a squeaky barn door swinging in the breeze.  
Both the males and females are GREAT diggers in a pen with a dirt or grass floor.
(Note the rooster's spurs.)

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