The Dogs


.This picture shows our oldest "kid" Leroy, (he's the guy on the right.)   My father, (the guy on the left), bought this dog for usa couple of  years after we moved to the country.  I guess he thought EVERY big yard deserved it's own dog.  Leroy is a good natured dog who LOVES to go for rides, eat, sleep and he LOVES Grandpa.  Early on he used to give us a run for our money in trying to keep him at home.  As ALL beagles do... he liked to run away every chance he got.  Just had to follow that nose!  We used to have to watch him every minute he was out in the yard.  Now days laying around like any other hound is what suits a dog of 12 (human) years.

These are the "security system" we have for our home and animals.  It is amazing how
specialized breeding has developed a dog that instinctively knows to protect your home.

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