As mentioned on the "Rheas" page, when we initially got into the Rheas it was because, (like sooo many others at that point in time), WE WERE GONNA MAKE A KILLIN!  Well, the ratite market "went bust" about one year after we tried to get in on the huge profits that some had enjoyed only a couple of years before.  When we bought our first Rheas..we paid what we considered a STEAL at the time for "day old" babies at $400.00 a piece.  We took a gamble and bought 20 babies all together with the help of a couple of "investors".  We had more land than any of them and they had more money than we did sooo..a joint venture was born.  In all,  we lost 14 of our 20 babies ONLY to have the market for Rheas drop like a stone before we ever made single a penny raising them.  Babies that once sold for $400.00, now could be bought for $10.00 each!  As it happened, we started picking up the eggs the following season and accidently found that Rhea hens are like most ANY fowl and will keep on laying eggs as long as a "settable sized" clutch is never attained (though the male is the one that has to do all the setting).  Out of our three hens we average nearly 150 eggs per laying season!  After picking up several weeks worth of Rhea eggs at the start of one particular laying season a few years back.. I finally decided I had to do something with them besides throwing them out so I started blowing out a few and doing "art" with the shells.  I made A LOT of UGLY things at first, but have gotten now so I make eggs that I believe folks really do appreciate  Below is a series of "thumbnails" that you can click to enlarge.  They'll  show some of the eggs I have made over the years.  REMEMBER, these are only SOME of the ideas that have come to me..just try poking "egg art" into your internet "browser/keyword" box and see what others have come up with -or- if you'd like to try your hand at "egg art" I'll sell you blown out eggs for $8.00 each plus shipping (cheaper in quantity).


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