Flying Squirrels.


These little guys really gave me a challenge in getting a picture of them to post on this page.  We've only
just added them to the collection.  Supposedly, these guys are quite prolific and easy to hand tame as
babies.  We'll see about that.  If you write me in the next year or so and it takes me days to write back..
it might just be that the little guys didn't take too well to the handling part and I'm down a few typing fingers!
Noctournal by nature.. we rarely see them till after dark.  They seem to enjoy the spacious cage that they've
been given.  Not that they really "fly" around in there, but they really are quite energenic and need the
space to run and climb at night.  These guys are a definate escape risk nightmare as folks in the eastern states
can verify.  Should a pair get loose at your place..  they could wind up as no more than "pests" that prove
hard  to get rid of.  Not the "hampster" that the average kid should be allowed to have.

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