Tolouse Geese

 These guys are as content on land as they are in water.  This allows folks with a barnyard
but no pond to enjoy a truly noble addition to their little spread.  For their size
they don't really eat a lot of feed.  These are "grazing" birds and will eat more of your grass and weeds than feed or grain.  My yard has quite a bit of landscaping and the geese rarely ever
chew up any of my finer foliage.  Every once and a while they'll get ahold of something I don't want them to and I'll either move it right then or put a wire "basket" around it until it gets a little better established.  Our two only really fake aggression toward people either.  They'll dip their heads and run at you hissing all the way, but if you'll simply ignore them they run away
 without so much as a pinch.

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