Pigmy Goats

 This is one of the few pictures of me that I plan to put up on the net.  WHOM does this goat think HE is?  ..  Actually, this is "Buster".  He and his "girlfriends" are literally a living bush-hog!  We've been keeping these guys for just about the entire time that we've had the property.  They keep our fence rows very neat and tidy in their nibbling.  We got our start from a newspaper ad and then added new ones here and there.. had a bunch of babies..  ALWAYS saving the ones with the smaller and smaller features while "culling" out the bigger ones.  Over the generations we've ended up with a  BEAUTIFUL (unregistered) blood line that if someone wanted to jump through all the hoops of registering them, would be an excellent place to start with minature goats.  Buster  here is only about 18 inches at the shoulder and his nannys are EVEN SMALLER!

Below is a series of pics showing two newborn twins making their maden voyage to
 what will soon grow to be the center of their little universes... A TEAT!

CLOSE..                                   CLOSER...                                GOT IT!!

The shot below shows my mom and dad holding one of the little rascals to illustrate just how little 
the babys really are. Unfortunately, in our quest to engineer the perfect "minature goat", we have inadvertently invented a nightmare for ourselves.  The pens that used to keep them in quite nicely
 are no longer "tight" enough to keep our current generations in.  Even some of our adult nannies
are now small enough to simply wiggle through the lower holes of standard stock type fencing.
 We're now having to re-wire their pens in order to keep the flower-beds from falling victim to the



We normally run about 8-10 nannys with a billy.. giving us up to 10 TINY little babys born each year.
Neutered billies, called "withers" (for obvious reasons), make wonderful pets and DON'T end up smelling bad when older.  Our current line turns out a variety of "bearded" and/or "wattled" nannys.  The billies all end up sporting a beautiful wide set of horns and a wooley coat like Buster.  The babies are coming out in a wide range of colors.  The fencing behind these guys is only 39 inches tall!


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