I created this page for those who are really bored  -or-  holed up in the house as result of bad
weather or something.  Below is listed some internet links that I have found interesting and would
like to pass along hoping that others might enjoy them as much as I have. Take a look if you like.
If you can think of any more along these lines that ought to be listed.. write and let me know.

Jeffers Livestock and Pet Supply These guys have been around forever it seems.  From wormers to vaccines.. supplies to novelties, these guys have got it all.  If you are really into birds or animals then you should know about Jeffers. -or- 1 (800) Jeffers to get a regular paper catalogue.  These guys have just about anything one could think of and waaay more for poultry fanciers.  Gifts and novelties you never thought of before I guarantee. Folks will ask.. "where the heck did you get this?"