Gray Peacock Pheasant

 These little gems are another wonder of the pheasant world.  Gray Peacock Pheasants
tend to run quite tame or "docile" as compared to some of the other species of Pheasant.


 Though these pictures are pretty good close ups, they still can't capture the grace and
absolute beauty of these wonderful birds.  Nearly every feather is bespectacled with a tiny
irridecent "eye" ..,



which really makes for an awesome sight when the cock strutting for the girls!
  To make sure that not a feather goes un-noticed by his intended "honey".. 
 he throws all of them in her face while bowing to her.  These birds are 

 native to Burma and Thailand.  There are five strains of Peacock Pheasant.

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Photos courtesy of "Pheasants of the World" by
 Keith Howman