"Potty Mouthed"

 Joey or "Jo-Jo" as he calls himself, is the newest addition to the Myakka menagerie.  He was
"donated" by a local couple who actually took him in as a stray.  Obviously lost, Joey had made his
way to an area golf course and took up temporary residence in the golf cart shack as I understand it.
Eventually Joey was recaptured and went to live with one of his captors and wife whom made Joey
a wonderful home.  Then one day Joey opened up his little red beak to reveal..  his original owners had apparently "gifted" him with a large four letter word vocabulary.  Though his new owners worked to more well round Joey's verbal repertoire, after nearly two years they decided that a batchelor's home would best suit this little guy's manners.  Now Joey can sass and sing till his heart is content and the only one that may blush at his utterings is the Beagle who  has come to know that when four lettered words fly.. it usually means that daddy's not happy about something.  Joey is still kind of new here and is still a little too skittish to let clamber 'round outside his cage during the day.  Eventually, when he's a little more comfortable he'll be able to gain more freedom.  I believe that he's gonna fit right in very quickly as he's quite a character.  As time goes on, I'll keep this page up-dated to show and tell of Joey's progress and  silly antics.

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