This is "Rover" our old male.  He is getting to be about 8 years old I guess.  We're not really sure because eight years ago we had rescued a couple of clutches of peacock eggs from a road ditch along side an area flea-market before the bush-hog scrambled them.  ALL the eggs that hatched grew up to be hens!


Rover, apparently heard of our dilemma and "just showed up" one morning.  I guess he must have liked th situation because here he is all these years later.  We named him Rover because he has an unusual habit of barging right in the middle of our dogs food dishes at feeding time and "staking a claim".  The dogs are so dumbfounded by this behavior that they simply let him do it and always have!


All of our peacocks just run out "free" in the yard.  Peacocks are very personable birds and once they settle in on an estate of any size..they tend to ad character, as well as, color to a place.  We average about 5 or 6 hens with Rover.  That is about one hen per one acre of land and as long as the hens can find some weeds or a bush to lay under they tend to not run off.

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