Red Golden Pheasants


These birds I had even before we even moved away from town.  The first time I saw one of the cocks in full color I thought that I must have it so that I can show others how absolutely BEAUTIFUL this thing was. I was sure that those I told wouldn't believe me as I tried to describe.


In addition to the beauty that this fellow was blessed with, he is tame but a little timid..not at all mean.
 Males don't show full adult feathering until about the age of two.  Sometimes the earliest babies in the breeding season one year will show adult coloring by the following autumn.


The strutting of the male in any one of the ornamental pheasants is truly 
something to behold.  Every feather he can show is being carefully shown
to prospective hens.  He'll dance around them for hours each day of the 
breeding season.

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