White Silkies.

 We have kept these funny little "mishaps of nature" around right from the start as these are certainly
 an oddity that will be the talk of ANY little barnyard.  Originally from the orient.. they are and ancient breed that comes in
many colors.  I keep a few of the whites around as they always look so soft and fluffy.. like cotton.

ALL of the meat on these bird's bodies is DARK.  Wings, legs -and- breast!  A little more "gamey"
in flavor than the dark meat found on the chicken we find in the grocery stores.  That's why here is the U.S.
the silkie isn't commonly eaten.  They MUST, however be eaten in some oriental cultures after the birth of a child.  
Apparently they believe that "something" is lost in the birthing process that can only be replaced by consuming the flesh
of this bird.  I learned of this by an older oriental gentleman that repeatedly bought birds from me..calling to see if I  
had any at all hours of the day and night.  He'd pay ANY price that I wanted to set.  Eventually, I HAD to ask him
what he was doing with all thesebirds.. ONE AT A TIME?!?  His response was that he was buying them for
"women in his community". Now flowers are one thing, but I'd never give a lady a CHICKEN to show my
affections.  I shared this with him and that is when he chuckled and uttered the above fact.

The above pictures show better show a silkie's feet and feathering. The silkie is one of the few breeds of chicken
that is not only allowed by regulation to have 5 toes on each foot, but MUST have to fifth toe to avoid disqualification
at poultry shows.  Between the dark flesh, the fuzzy feathering and the 5 toes..


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