I've been doing taxidermy since I was sixteen years old.  I guess my love of animals made it EXTRA hard for me to look at road-kill.  To see something laying lifeless along the roadway that had only moments before been a beautiful living creature just seemed like such a waste.  Since I certainly couldn't  bring the dead back to life.. I decided to learn how to do taxidermy so I could at least make them look alive again.  I sent away for a "how to" correspondence course  from the
and so started my ability to "re-animate" the dead.  Over the years I guess I have probably
re-animated hundreds of creatures that have lost their lives in one way or another, but never by my hand.  I still stop along the roadway when I spy road-kill that looks to be relatively undamaged and throw whatever it is in the back of my truck.  I tend to favor birds of all kinds and small animals.
With the farm there is also (unfortunately) an accidental death here and there as well.  All of which adds up to more than enough to keep my hands busy.

Below is a series of thumbnails that when clicked on..will enlarge to show some of my work
 in greater detail.

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