The Farm.


We moved to "the country" from the ever-growing combined cities of Sarasota and Bradenton,
   along the west coast of Florida in 1989.  The house, with its nearly six acres of property, seemed perfect for our needs.  "The farm" is situated about 15 miles inland.. away from all the hustle and bustle generally found along the coast.. in an area known as Myakka City (though surely misnamed "city").  This location affords us not only the seclusion of country living, but access to all the conveniences of the urban area(s) we moved away from.  We Built the barn ourselves about 9 years ago.  As years the have gone by, the place has increasingly become more and more covered with birds, animals and cages adding a certain
richness that only pets or children could possibly provide a "home" with.


 Below is a text listing of the various birds and animals that call our backyard "home".
Each listing is a link that will take you to a separate page that shows pictures and
tells a little about the bird or animal that you may find interesting.  Most of the things that
we raise--we sell at various times throughout the year.  If you've got boys and girls of
most anything.., sooner or later you're gonna have babies   If you see something that you'd
like to know more about ..please write us with your inquiry.   We may have "extras"!
This list will no doubt be ever-changing as more living things come to stay with us.. so
keep checkin' back!

(TIP:  once on each page.. use your browser's "BACK BUTTON" to return to the listings)


* Birds*


 Blue Splash Cochin (bantam)

 Silkie (bantam)

 Black Sumatra (Standard)

  •                                                                       Pheasants:
  •  Red Golden

     Yellow Golden

     Lady Amherst

      Kalij (Nepal)

     Bornean Firebacked

     Blue Eared

     Grey Peacock


     Guinea Fowl

     Pea Fowl
    (India blue)



    Black Swans

     Tolouse Geese

    Mandarin Ducks


     African Greys


    Green Cheeked Conures

    "Potty Mouthed" Joe


    Flying Squirrels

     Miniature Cattle (Zebu)

     Pigmy Goats

    The Dogs




    (Click on the above link to visit an on-line auction that deals in "living things".)