Miniature Zebu


I saw these guys in a fair YEARS ago and decided right there and then that I HAD TO have them.  Just getting started in the United States.  My oldest bull is only 36 INCHES from ground to the point in his back..right behind his "hump"!   This is the height that the animals are measured and is know as the "whithers"  All our animals are registered Stock.
The PERFECT little living lawn-mower that actually gives back one lawn mower each year to keep or sell.  What's not to like?  Perfect for any small Ranch-ett.


PERFECT too for the "Ranch-ett rancher" who's not really comfortable with 2000lb animals.  3 or 4 animals can be kept on 5 acres as long as you're prepared to feed some in the winter.  Personally, I feed about 2 lbs of "sweet feed" per animal and a little hay when the grass isn't growing.  The pic above shows two younger animals.  The one below shows "Boogie and Angel" our oldest adults.  Boogie is now 3 and Angel about 2 1/2 years.  The gate that they are standing in front of is 48 inches high so as to give you an idea just how little guys stay!  We'd LOVE to think that mother nature will see to it that we get a calf soon, but til then we still adore our little herd of FOUR.


Our BEST yet!

"Lil' Elmo" is our best to date.  At six months of age he was still only about 30 inches at the whithers!
His red coloring will change to real dark coloring when he's older.

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